UrCITYLIVE is a leader in local urban media entertainment with a network comprised of dedicated businesses, artists, and promoters. These entities are working together to share ideas and collaborate to your cities benefit. With a focus on urban artistry the UrCITYLIVE website aims to keep users updated on their hometowns events which include social events, music events, and more.

The dedicated members of the UrCITYLIVE movement have vowed to keep their members united, in the know, and in the VIP. Over the past few years Boston as well as its hip hop scene has produced great videos, music, events, and more that we intend to help share with the world

Boston, one of our countries most historical championship cities, will be our focus. Boston is the ideal location for the groundbreaking movement such as UrCITYLIVE. With a large underground music scene, Boston presents a rich operating environment for UrCITYLIVE’s local urban awareness campaign!

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