Lou armstrong

Born in New York City, in the borough of Manhattan, Luis Ramos learned to deal with loss at an early age. Life seemed like a never ending struggle for about 2 years, when finally God sent a light to shine on Luis, his mother and older brother. The light was a young, flashy Dominican named Biembenido Alberto Duarte, who until this day Lou considers his real father. Shortly after these tough times, life took a change of pace for the Ramos Duarte family. With the new addition of two brothers and a step father with money, cars and clothes, Lou finally began to experience life as a middle class kid, with some upper class treats. Everything seemed fine until around the age of ten when Lou’s family had to get up and unexpectedly move to Massachusetts. As usual they did a lot of moving around, that was all until the day his mother had to leave out of town and came back with the news that there father was now in the army. At that point she turned to Lou and said its time for you to become a man. His father was sentenced to 24 years in prison for possession of two kilos of cocaine. Then with no job skills and very little knowledge of the English language, Mrs. Duarte chose to continue in the business that her husband had left behind. For the next few years Lou recalls harsh experiences such as the horror of his door being shot down, forcing him and his brothers to hide under their beds because Columbian drug dealers were looking to kill their mother. Even through all of this adversity, Lou never lost a love for music. It seemed to grow. It all started back in the days while living in the Bronx, where hip-hop was created . Influenced by rappers such as LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim and Kool G Rap, Lou always dreamed of becoming a MC. With a gift to entertain crowds and catch people’s attention Lou began to write rap songs at the young age of 13. Shortly after the Duarte Ramos family’s home was raided by police and in a frustrated effort to put fear in Mrs. Duarte, they threatened to take her kids if she did not leave town. Mrs. Duarte grabbed her four sons and fled to a city that would change their lives forever, that city was Boston Mass. Lou began to go places like downtown crossing, Ruggles station, forest hills and other subway stations around the city to battle other rappers and earn his respect as a Latin rapper in a city where the majority of the rappers were African American. His long time friend known as gambino, noticed that he had talent and began to help with the music investments. They both believed in Lou’s talent, but knew that being a Latin rapper would be against them and that they would have to work extra hard to be recognized. Inspired by the source magazine, one of the biggest magazines in the world, Lou and Gambino decided that their grind and presentation is what will separate them from the rest of the artist’s trying to make it out of Boston. They put their money together, shrink wrapped a van and put out their first CD titled: Hitmakerz “We Here Now”, which was a 5 song e.p that they promoted for a year. Since then Lou’s career has taken off and he is thankful for every moment.

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