Nyce Franklyn has been making noise in the EastCoast for quite sometime, Nyce Franklyn brings you his debut project “Just Being Frank”. He has the sound of trap mixed with an Eastcoast swagger and real life raps.see more

Based out of Boston, Massachussetts Dutch ReBelle is, according to XXL Magazine, is “spearheading her way into blogs because of her poetic style..lyrical bravado…and fiery talent.” I’m starting to find that balance between what people want to hear from me and where I musically want to take them,” explains Boston MA native Dutch ReBelle “If I can walk into a room and control the crowd, it just pushes me to keep writing my story.” More and more people are responding to ReBelle’s story. Dutch ReBelle (ne’ Vanda Bernadeau) has seen the positive energy that she has built for herself in Boston’s hip hop….see more

For Cambridge rapper Millyz, two years have brought more triumph and tragedy than some see in a lifetime. In 2009, the enterprising emcee released his debut street album, “Whiteboy Like Me,” and turned a budding fan base into a bona fide cult following. With promotional efforts ranging from car-to-car CD handout hustles to video blogs shot around the country, he built a brand that got local love from Sandwich to Dorchester and name recognition from Miami to Los Angeles. Music has always been Millyz’s one real passion and only for a second has he ever thought about not doing music. For this rising star, you live by the mic. see more

Ricky Whigham, better known as Supastar LT, is an American-born, Boston-bred artist. Stemming off of early childhood influences, “LT”, turned his love of music into a dedication for writing and recording. LT quickly caught local eye with his catchy phrases and his ability to skate over beats. Now, at 27, Supastar LT has released his first official single Kilo. Kilo, however doesn’t signal his return to music; in fact he has never left it. He created Skyways Music Group….see more

Based out of Boston Massachusetts, Lecks Getiton (Get-It-On) is a rising hip hop artist that gains respect everywhere he goes using his large vocabulary. It doesn’t take long to recognize that… see more

Born in New York City, in the borough of Manhattan, Luis Ramos learned to deal with loss at an early age. Life seemed like a never ending struggle for about 2 years, when finally God sent a light to shine on Luis, his mother and older brother. The light was a young, flashy Dominican named Biembenido Alberto Duarte, who until this day Lou considers his real father… Shortly after. see more

Stand anywhere in the crowd during one of his sets and you’ll know that Cav “Hollywood” Bernah was born to do this. Born Cavenack Bernadin, he is a product of the 80s and 90s hip-hop, cleverly fusing his musical surroundings with his own flow. Cav displays an effortless stage presence. see more

Avenue is one of the most talked about Boston rappers, with his youthful energy allowing him to let his rhymes fit in to any situation. His first release Words Speak Life and the recently-released Summer of ’91 EP showed his range The Chandelier View, which should only push him further. see more

Denzel Patterson, known to many by his stage name Flyboi Dizzy, is a 23 year old rapper from Dorchester, Massachusetts. Dizzy grew up in the inner-city of Boston in a neighborhood riddled with gangs, violence and drugs. During Dizzy’s youth, he witnessed many of his peers and even close friends get killed before their time. To cope with such tragedies, Dizzy turned to music at a young age. see more

Smoke Bulga is a Hip Hop singer from Boston Massachusetts.Born Allen Keon Lee in the early 80’s and raised in Bostons south end growing up Smoke heard rap music pouring from boom boxes and watched street fashions flourish as kids started mimicking the styles of their hip-hop heroes — Adidas sneakers, tracksuits, and extra-thick gold chains. see more

Hope you caught her on the show executive produced by rapper T.I. Bia (real name Bianca Landrau) is a graduate of Medford High School who is signed to Pharrell’s label. The Bean-bred artist is one of five female rappers featured on Oxygen’s “Sisterhood of Hip Hop,” a program that hopes to empower women in the male-dominant industry. see more

Cousin Stizz is a rapper from Boston. While he prefers to keep a low profile – Stizz doesn’t need complex marketing tactics to increase his exposure. Just listen to his mix tape, Suffolk County and you’ll know why he is as popular as he is.see more

Raised in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, a city not known for its Hip-Hop music, Moufy is quickly making a name for himself, both locally & nationally, with the fastest growing fan-base of any urban artist in Boston. see more

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