Reem Skully

Reem, born June 29th, 1993 is a young up and coming rapper born and raised in the streets of Boston. One statement to describe Reem is that he is truly a student of the game. From a young age he’s been influenced by music from the greats such as Nas, 2pac, Jay-Z, Biggie & Big L, and has truly began to craft his own style that combines, street, swag, intelligence, and much more into one big melting pot of artistry, while still staying true to classics he grew up on. His crew is a collective of young, flashy, rebellious individuals from the streets of Boston who go by the name of “The Gentlemen’s Club” or for short “TGC”. They blend their upscale swag with a young raw attitude to create a sound and image unlike anything the game has seen before, and have continued to gain buzz throughout the city. He also runs with collective by the name “Nxt Era” ran by one of Boston’s most popular DJ’s “DJ Young Ives”, and have continued to put a stamp on the city with their brand. At only the age of 18 Reem dropped his debut mixtape “HYPE!” on February 1st, 2012 which received outstanding reviews and was noted as being “One of the best Mixtapes to ever come out of Boston” and since then has shot into the ranks of some of the top artists in the city. As time goes he’s only continued to grow and show his versatility, and range, and has continued to master his sound. Stay tuned, because his journey has only began. From Mariposa St. to the world, may the world be ready to witness, Reem

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