Superstar LT

Ricky Whigham, better known as Supastar LT, is an American-born, Boston-bred artist. Stemming off of early childhood influences, “LT”, turned his love of music into a dedication for writing and recording. LT quickly caught local eye with his catchy phrases and his ability to skate over beats. Now, at 27, Supastar LT has released his first official single Kilo. Kilo, however doesn’t signal his return to music; in fact he has never left it. He created the Skyways Music Group. Skyways Music Group would grow to be a staple and symbol of Boston culture, and would be the home to the regions hottest lyricists and in-house production team. After mastering the mechanicals of music, LT grew to birth to Kilo. Kilo, originally recorded and featured on “Real Niggas Know,” the first mixtape, featuring from New Englands biggest breakthrough artist Eddy Fish.

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1. Real 4 Ever
2. Around the world
3. Voice of the city
4. Oh Lawd
5. Blessed


Superstar LT “A Star Is Born” Video