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Tom Brady Drops Mic at Rally!

Tom Brady drops mic at send off rally before heading to Super Bowl. “For those of you going to Minnesota, we’ll see you there,” Belichick told the crowd. “For those who aren’t, I know you’ll be cheering your hearts out back here and we’ll see you Monday.” Of course Tom Brady spoke to New England Patriots fans. He spoke confidently of the team’s chances at the Super Bowl. “We love you! Patriots out!” he yelled before dropping the microphone and exiting the stage.
Speaking to the media for the first time since entering concussion protocol, the Patriots tight end expressed optimism Tuesday night regarding his status for Sunday’s big game while playing former teammate and current Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount in a game of ‘‘Madden 18’’ at the Mall of America reports the Boston Globe. The New England Patriots hop onto their fancy new “AirKrafts” to travel west to Minnesota expected to come back champs!