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The Best Town to Party in Massachusetts

Downtown is where it goes down!

The Urban nightlife is in full swing in Boston and surrounding areas with house, hiphop,international and top 40 music everywhere so theres something for everyone. Boston has a lot of history and the urban city has plenty to offer its event seeking citizens. Boston has a great economy with growing technology, medical and academic industries, as well as many college students living in the area that contribute to the business party crowd just as much as the young hip crowd. There are all types of venues, including club Venu,Icon, Bijou, and Cure just to mention some. Let us help you gain access to guest list and the vip. In short driving distance Cambridge has some qualities that make it stand apart from Boston. Both Harvard and MIT are in Cambridge, and the city hosts The Middle East which has moved the Boston Hip Hop culture forward. Known for its beaches Quincy has nearly 30 miles of beautiful coastline. It contains Quincy’s National Historic Park and is the birthplace of two U.S. presidents. The nightlife in the city should be on your radar with Revel and plenty of dive bars. Close to Boston and Cambridge, Quincy shares the intellectual atmosphere and rich culture of both places.

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Dutch Rebelle’s Kickstarter does it!

She is a Haitian Boston bred rap artist helping push the culture forward. After kicking off her kickstarter campaign titled “The Bang Bang Experience” Dutch Rebelle has surpassed her goal of $15,000 which will go towards quality production. In preparation for the campaign she released a collection of songs called “No Stems” that she wanted to share with her supporters. It is becoming clearer then ever that Massachusetts hip hop has next if not now. On December 7th you can catch her live

In her own words “To all my Black Roses in this Jungle, this project represents raw and unapologetic vibes. No Stems attached.I am SO HONORED AND HYPE to announces that thanks to 198 amazing backers and dozens more who shared this campaign and followed it like it was their own… we EXCEEDED OUR GOAL!!! 102% FUNDED!!

It was risky but worth every moment!

A million thanks to my fellow artists, event promoters and music lovers that supported this vision from the launch on October 26th as well as everyone who let me stalk their LIFE for 3 weeks … 2018 is looking LIT!!!!”

Preforming at First Night Boston

Joyner Lucas – “I’m Not Racist” pushes the conversation

We know him as a rapper from Worcester currently signed to Atlantic Records. He gained exposure after the release of his single “Ross Capicchioni” in 2015. In 2017, he released his fourth mixtape and first on a major label

Joyner Lucas’ music video for “I’m Not Racist,” made a lot uncomfortable viewing. With a lot of swearing and a white boy saying the word “nigga” countless times and shameless pointing out many streotypes. When the second verse hits the song feels different when a young black man in dreadlocks respond to address the generalizations, to speak on being stopped by the police and rejected for jobs.
The reason “I’m Not Racist” has millions of views online is it is driving a conversation about the state of race relations in not only Massachusetts but in America. A tough conversation about how differently blacks and whites see things in this country right now.

Check out the video here if you haven’t already and be prepared for the racial stereotypes and cuss words.

Lucas is a 29-years-old and says the video really is the race talk that people shy away from.

“It’s a very uncomfortable conversation to have,” he told sources.
He explained that what makes the video so shocking is that it’s not a racist per say saying these words, but a regular guy.

“It was an average white man speaking his mind on how he actually feels about black people,” Lucas said, “and it was an average black guy talking about his interactions with white people. These are suppressed feelings that both parties have but are afraid to express.”

Needless to say Massachusetts is making a lot noise on the music scene. Urcitylive!

Boston Fashion Week!

Boston Fashion Week is a week-long luxury clothing event that takes place annually in Boston. The cities fashion week lets international and local designers showcase their creations to the general public, buyers, celebrities, and fashion experts. This was started in your city by Jay Calderin in 1995. After a few setbacks it is now increasing its popularity and importance, as Boston becomes a more fashion forward city. The event gives access to the public to engage In many ways. A show, enjoying an exhibit, or joining in the fun at a party. The week also contributes to a sense of city pride about what Boston brings to the table and how it keeps growing in so many ways.

We are looking forward to Boston Fashion Week 2018 and we can’t wait! Kickoff Boston Fashion Week with A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand along with some of the BEST of Boston Designers

Movie “Stronger” about Marathon Bombing…

Movie “Stronger” about Marathon bombing in Boston soon to be released. The movie is the inspirational and heroic true-life story of Jeff Bauman. Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal who was born in Los Angeles, California, to producer/screenwriter Naomi Foner will play the character. Playing a person that bounced back from losing his legs he says felt like playing a real hero. It has already had its world premiere at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and Boston premiere of “Stronger” went down at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown for the big wigs. The movie for the rest of urcity is set to release September 22, 2017

“Maybe I am getting old”

The man himself loses the first game of the season. So much for a team as good as the team from the Patriots undefeated season (ended in the Super Bowl) like some thought. Maybe Tom Brady is getting old. It’s like he coluldnt stay sharp past the half

All the talk this summer was about how fast the Patriots had gotten with their offseason acquisitions.In the season opener they found out the Chiefs have some serious speed, too.

Mike Gillislee has a productive Patriots debut as his first regular-season carry as a Patriot produced the same result as his first preseason rush. A touchdown!
The Patriots will be fine, but it might take a while to get there

Belief that talk of a 16-0 season wasn’t absurd is absurd. Even the best teams can’t plan for attrition.

Bill Belichick hammered the point all offseason: Nothing the Patriots accomplished last season was worth a lick in 2017.

The Chiefs drove that point home last night, as they thoroughly humbled the reigning champions by a 42-27 count in the regular season opener.

The pregame banner unveiling and Super Bowl LI celebration faded more quickly than the Pats’ early 10-point lead. Maybe they do the opposite of how they did with a perfect season but a lost SuperBowl. We still smell another ring. We know Tom Brady still has what it takes. As he showed us against New Orleans with all types of touchdown assist. Nice!

Could the Boston Transit System change as we know it?!

Developers propose $57M transit-oriented project in Mattapan mainly the Preservation of Affordable Housing and Nuestra Comunidad Development Corp. have plans to transform a 2.57-acre parking lot next to the MBTA Mattapan Station into a mixed-use development with housing, retail and a community space. They say the project will provide critically needed affordable and market-rate housing in the Mattapan community and better transportation

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“Dunkin” is going to run on Mobile in Quincy!

Dunkin’ will drop the “Donuts” from its name for a new Quincy location and will have four drive-thru lanes: one with a microphone, two with touch screens and one for online pickup. This doughnut shop would be the company’s first with a new array of drive-thru options. if this runs right Boston will run even faster on “Dunkin”

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